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How Things Used To Be

Until recently, the value of a professional adviser was founded on an asymmetry of knowledge and information.  This asymmetry was a combination of their expertise in their chosen field, privileged access to information, the ability to be able to offer a solution to a clients needs and the infrastructure to be able to execute the solution.





How Things Are Now

The advent of the internet, search engines and finally mobile devices, has now resulted in clients having virtually equal access to information, the ability to research potential solutions, and in many cases, open access to platforms to execute those solutions. This democratisation has potentially reduced the value of engaging a professional in favour of self-serve, or is now often used to “test” professionals to see if they have appropriate expertise to warrant a collaborative relationship.



At the same time, the global financial crisis and need for greater corporate honesty, openness and transparency has resulted in a general erosion of  the trust in professionals (some hit more than others, we won’t pick on Investment Bankers!). Flat Mountain enlighten professional service firms on how to improve their reputation and relationships with their clients. Combining use of cutting edge technology and leading academic research on behavioural insights. Flat Mountain will help professionals gain a greater understanding of behavioural finance, along with the enhanced skills and competences now needed to develop stronger, more productive, longer lasting commercial relationships.