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decision making and behavioural bias

What is behavioural bias?

We all suffer from behavioural bias……..Suffer? by making (consistently) poor decisions.

Thousands of years ago, attacks to humans from all manner of creatures meant physical danger was common place.  Survival lead to human beings evolving to react quickly to danger.  These instantaneous emotional responses to danger are done without thought, that is we tend to turn off our cognition (deep thought).  We don’t think, we don’t calculate, we react.  Useful when listening out for carnivorous creatures!

These emotional responses in today’s environment are evoked by things other than physical danger which is less present. Our quick emotional responses often lead to mistakes or poor personal choices; examples that spring to mind road rage, the politician who ruins his career by having an affair, that bargain item we purchase and never use.

By being made aware of the innate bias we all suffer from, we can begin to learn how to make better decisions.

The basis of Flat Moutain’s work and services are aimed at increasing awareness for professionals and clients to help them make better decisions leading to more positive outcomes.  Flat Mountain’s work is underpinned by rigorous academic research (see bibliography if you want to explore further).

Here is what we think is an amusing video highlighting how easily influenced we are, by what is said and the appearance…….