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Everyone’s journey to becoming a truly trusted collaborator starts in a different place and develops at a different rate, so individual coaching by one of the team of Flat Mountain Trust Coach’s is a core part of our proposition. Using output from the Trust Competence Feedback (TCF) platform, individual development needs can be identified and discussed in confidence between the coach and the individual, with continuing client feedback from the TCF platform providing evaluation and validation of progress.

The Flat Mountain ‘Inside-Out’ Coaching methodology

Our approach to personal development coaching is inspired by the Three fundamental life principles which are the source of all our experience as authentic human beings:

Thought – The Reality Principle

This focuses on our innate ability to create a perceptual reality via the vehicle of thought. Each Individual has their own unique reality and ‘map of the world’. Trust is based on the ability to be aware of our own maps and the prejudices within them and to be able to tune into the reality and perceptual maps of others and develop a genuine connection with others based on this mutual respect.

Consciousness – The Experience Principle

This is our innate ability to experience our thoughts in the present. We live with the feelings of our thoughts. Understanding how we think in the now and how we direct our conscious thought directly impacts on the level of self-orientation and therefore is the most powerful driver in our ability to develop real and authentic trust.

Mind – The Power Principle

This is the power source behind life – the energy and intelligence of the universe. Now before we put on our sandals and get all fluffy and woolly, we all hold life beliefs and values in our minds about who we are and what motivates us to do what we do in life, this is a fundamental truth that guides us in developing trust.