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What are the results of engaging with the Flat Mountain team?

There has been much written about the recent profusion of distrust; the trust deficit.  President Obama’s First State of the Union speech he was explicit “we face a deficit of trust”.  Harvard Business School Professor Paul Lawrence captures the mood “If distrust were a disease, we’d declare it an epidemic” (1).

Surveys of European and the UK business reveal distrust is prevalent  businesses professionals are thought 10 times more likely to lie than doctors.

Where there are low levels of trust, either within an organisation itself, or with its customers and clients, then this creates a real cost. This financial drag means business takes longer to transact and is more costly to do, even to the extent of increased complaints and litigation.

1. Paul R. Lawrence and Robert Porter Lynch

2.Sources: Gallap Poll Happiness Index (2005-2009), 2011 Readers Digest Trusted Brands Poll, ~33,000 Europeans (including Eastern Europe, excluding UK, Spain, Italy), Eurobarometer Publication 74, pp 25-27, 27 European Union Member States, ~ 27,700 interviews, 2009 Ipsos-MORI Survey , ~2000  people in UK

So to have a proactive strategy to increase trust will reduce this financial drag, but there are other benefits too from enhancing client trust:

  1. Where more trust exists, clients buy more of your services or advice
  2. Clients become less focused on the price and more on the experience and the value.
  3. You clients become positive advocates of your services, bringing new clients to your door

This is why this makes good business sense!