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the trust competence feedback (TCF) platform

Trust components


Why do we trust some people more than others?

The level of trust someone places in another comes from their cumulative experiences of the other persons words, actions, emotional awareness and motives. You can get by and create some level of trust just by saying the right things and delivering on promises, but to become truly trusted you need to excel in all four areas, but that’s not easy!

The TCF platform is a web based client feedback and management information system which has been specially designed to help professional service firms understand how good they and their fee earners are at developing and maintaining trusted relationships


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How does the platform work? 

At the heart of the system is a unique short format questionnaire created to identify the strength of existing client relationships, with the aggregated feedback data being displayed in a number of individual and business level reports within a secure online data dashboard. As part of a full development project, clients are surveyed prior to any training and coaching commencing, with surveys being periodically refreshed to evidence and evaluate progress.



How can the platform help you manage FCA Conduct Risk?

Using the unique client questionnaire, with it’s various individual and business level management reports will help you pro-actively demonstrate your commitment to Treating Customers Fairly as the output can be linked directly to 5 of the 6 outcomes. In addition, the management information provided by the TCF platform can be used as the core for a new client friendly KPI system linked directly to customer outcomes.