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David Elliott
David was born at an early age in Essex. Despite his geographical roots David is acknowledged for his clear strategic thinking and facial hair.  His expertise, and considerable experience is in business development and client relationships.  The world is changing, and so (fortunately) is David.  Flat Mountain is a platform for David to share his passion to help businesses achieve excellent client relationships. Contact David on 07598 107 345 or email


Stuart Erskine
Stuart had a difficult start in life; he was born in Norfolk.  His early struggles, particularly with the local dialect have led him to develop an interest in human behaviour.  He is a self-proclaimed expert in behavioural bias – the study of why people make poor decisions, and how to help them improve their decision making process.  During the week, Stuart shares David’s passion for helping businesses achieve excellence; at weekends his passion lies elsewhere.Stuart would prefer you contact David in the first instance, but if you insist on contacting him you can reach him on 07768 506 241 or email


John Plester
John is the  Flat Mountain’s  lead Coach.  Born efficiently in West Germany. Legend-has-it John was abandoned by his mother at early age and raised by foxes, which explains his considerable cunning and appalling table manners.In an attempt to become interesting company in social situations, John embarked on a career in the study of human behaviour. His study and training over the last decade means he has accumulated has many year experience in the field of coaching and sites personal recommendations from Dr Richard Bandler (founder of NLP).  In addition John has regularly assisted Paul Mckenna and Dr Richard Bandler on their UK NLP seminars and is one of the few consultants in the UK to have been regularly referred clients from Paul Mckenna’s company.

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Ian McNorton

Plymouth holds a special memory for Ian; he was born there! He subsequently married a psychotherapist, make your own mind up…. Ian apparently couldn’t!  His early career as a teacher  saw Ian specialise in disaffected children with behavioural and learning difficulties, an ideal background, we thought, to lead the Flat Mountain training team. For the last 20 years Ian has worked in the corporate world as a training manager and HR subject matter expert.  He has successfully established leadership development, team building and internal assessment procedures and programmes.  Ian’s HR experience has ensured that an organisation’s HR function supports and relates to the commercial and business interest of the organisation, including all aspects of Job Descriptions, Appraisals, Recruitment and Selection, Key Performance Indicators, Performance Management, Customer Service and Redundancy. He is a key presenter on motivational and emotional intelligence.