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retail investment manufacturers & platforms

The introduction of Pension Freedoms legislation in 2015 allows retirees to use their defined contribution pension pots like a bank account according to the then chancellor, George Osborne. This has been widely welcomed by the baby boomer generation, many of whom are now at or in retirement, but this new found freedom potentially comes with a sting in the tail….the very real possibility of exhausting these pension pots before death.

For product providers, asset managers and investment platforms distributing through intermediaries, understanding all the dynamics, opportunities and risks of this new environment will help to ensure your proposition is compelling, competitive and supporting advisers in managing their retirement advice risk.

Flat Mountain can help you understand what a scientifically evidenced, rigorously applied and defensible advice proposition post Pension Freedoms should look like, so you can ensure your proposition fully supports a 21st Century advice process.

For those offering their solutions direct to consumers, understanding the balance retirees now demand between flexibility and security will also serve to ensure your proposition delivers good customer outcomes.